Residents in Birmingham learned a valuable lesson recently after their vehicles were stolen. The lesson learned: Don't leave your car unlocked with the keys still inside.

According to WDIV, Birmingham police said 12 cars were stolen from residents over the span of nine days, and 7-10 of them had been left unlocked with the keys inside.

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Where in Birmingham Were These Vehicles Stolen?

  •  500 block of Larchlea Drive - June 8
  • 400 block of Lake Park Drive - June 8
  • 1000 block of Pleasant Avenue - June 8
  • 500 block of Stanley Boulevard - June 8
  • 1600 block of West Maple Road - June 10
  • 400 block of Townsend Street - June 12
  • 1800 block of Haynes Street - June 13
  • 1800 block of Haynes Street - June 13
  • 700 block of Suffield Avenue - June 16
  • 1700 block of Fairview Avenue - June 16
  • 100 block of Puritan Avenue - June 16
  • 1800 block of Fairview Avenue - June 16

The majority of the vehicles stolen were parked in their driveways or parked in front of their homes.

One of the victims said that this was the second time that his car had been stolen from the very same spot on Townsend Street. He also said that he had left his keys in the car. If his car had been stolen before, you'd think he would have been a little more responsible.

Another victim said that he left his wallet and keys in his unlocked car.

It seems so crazy that so many people leave their keys in their unlocked cars? What is the reason for this?

These thieves hit the jackpot in Birmingham with so many cars left unlocked and the keys still in them. I get forgetting to lock the doors from time to time but not with the keys still in them.

Locking your vehicle doesn't guarantee your car won't get stolen but does the decrease the odds.

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