A black bear in Lake County, Michigan was killed after the DNR said it was "showing repeated aggressive behavior to humans"

The Department of Natural Resources were forced to euthanize a black bear after campers in Lake County, MI reported on Sunday that the bear was acting aggressive. The bear was roaming the private land on the north side of Lake County's Wolf Lake.

Campers tried scaring off the bear by making noises and yelling at the wild animal, but the bear was not leaving the orivate camping area.

The DNR stated that shooting and killing the bear was not an easy decision, but was the best option.

In the state of Michigan it is legal to feed bears and other wild animals.

Memorial Day weekend in Northern Michigan is a great destination for tourists to get away from the city life and enjoy the great outdoors, but it also is a place where wildlife is suppose to roam free and not be euthanized for disrupting humans.

According to the DNR the bear is believed to be between one and three years old.

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