BlocBoy JB is receiving hefty criticism from fans after making a homophobic comparison between Xbox and Playstation users via social media.

Amid the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles on Tuesday (Nov. 10), BlocBoy spouted off some homophobic rhetoric regarding the two gaming systems and their respective users. While on an Instagram livestream, the 24-year-old rapper declared that Playstation is "for the gays" and Xbox for "street niggas."

"Bro, Xbox ain't fucking gay. If anything, PlayStation gay. Xbox is not gay. Playstation gay," BlocBoy JB said. "Gaystation, I rather have the sex box than the gaystation, you know what I am saying?."

In the video, BlocBoy appears to be smoking in the car as he waits outside a store for the Xbox to be delivered to him. In between coughs, he asserts his point about the Playstation gaming system. The Memphis native explained that it might be meant for LGBTQ+ individuals since it has come in rainbow colors previously.

"If you really look into it, Playstation, they got, uh, pride colors, so Playstation supposed to be for the gays and Xbox supposed to be for the street niggas," he said. "Not saying that the gays can't play the Xbox, but I'm just saying. Xbox for the gangsta niggas. That's my calculations of every thang."

JB's "calculations" landed him in the hot seat on Instagram and Twitter. The majority of fans commented on the rapper's blatant homophobia and inserted their enjoyment for both Xbox and Playstation.

One Twitter user wrote, "Nigga focus on making a hit without Drake," referencing the Tay Keith-produced "Look Alive."

Another person wrote, "Haven’t looked for Blocboy JB since Look Alive."

Check out some of the reactions to BlocBoy JB's homophobic Playstation remarks below.

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