It looks like the Los Angeles Police Department might want to have a word with Blueface, or at least, someone in his crew.

According to a report TMZ published on Thursday (Dec. 25), the LAPD opened an assault with a deadly weapon investigation regarding Blue and his crew’s brawl at L.A.'s Blue Moon Hookah Lounge on Dec. 20. The site's law enforcement sources say the "deadly weapons" used in the attack were the feet of the attackers.

One man who was attacked had to be hospitalized. The sources say that at least two people have filed a police report, which launched the probe into the brawl. Blueface is apparently not a suspect in this matter.

As previously reported, Blueface was standing in the V.I.P. area when an unidentified man walks up to the “Thotiana” rapper, chitchats with him and then sucker-punches him in the face.

After the punch was thrown, a swarm of men, including Blueface, pummeled the man until he fell on the floor. In a video captured by a club-goer, you can see one man trying to pull Blueface away from the altercation to no avail. The men continue to punch and kick the man causing a frenzy in the club. The fight spreads as tables are knocked over and people scramble to get out of the way while the vicious assault continues.

On Christmas morning, the 22-year-old rapper shared an alternate video of the brawl video on his Instagram page. He captioned the clip, "He might as well be from da set we put cuz on," referring to the act of being jumped in during gang initiation.

XXL has reached out to Blueface's camp as well as the LAPD for comment.

Watch Blueface and his team in a club brawl below.

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