Close family members of Bobbi Kristina have been reportedly ask to assemble at the hospital to give their last goodbyes. Many people are speculating if this claim is true after so many contradicting reports have been revealed.

People magazine is reporting the family has been called in because doctors believe there is not anything else they can do. A family member told the magazine that Bobby Brown has been crying nonstop since yesterday. The family is taking the news extremely hard after signs of a recovery came in place just a couple of days ago.

Bobbi Kristina was found drowning in her bathtub over the weekend. She was rushed to the hospital when they noticed she has some brain damage. She was without oxygen for 2-5 minutes.

Some people close to the family believe the recent Whitney Houston biopic on Lifetime struck an emotional cord with Bobbi and cause this devastation to happen. We are all praying for her recovery and look forward to good news.

*UPDATE AS OF 1:00AM Friday*

According to TMZ, Bobby Brown is refusing to take Bobbi off life support. The doctors has informed the family there is nothing the doctors can do to help the situation. Sources close to the family believe Bobby Brown is waiting on a miracle from God.

Kristina's condition has not improved since Monday. However the family is using their faith for a miracle.

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