Hey, it's only 56 miles, no big deal.

Talk about a family legacy to live up to!

Zach Crim is the grandson of Bobby Crim. And if you don't know who Bobby Crim is (you should, but I won't judge), let me help you out.

Bobby Crim is a Davison native and a graduate of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan-Flint. He served as a member of Michigan's House of Representatives and Speaker of the House from 1973-1982.

He's the founder of the Crim Festival of Races; he was inspired to start a "race for all" after attending the Special Olympics. The first Crim race was in 1977.

Zach is his grandson; he told ABC 12 about his first Crim experience. “I started running the teddy bear trot when I could barely walk and then my first Crim experience was when I was 2 weeks old. I stayed at a hotel with my grandpa outside the finish line.”

And now, Zach is running from the state capitol in Lansing to the Crim finish line in Flint in his grandfather's honor. He's hoping to raise $100,000 for the Crim Fitness Foundation because of their budgetary shortfall after COVID-19.

How can you help? Glad you asked - you can register to virtually run/walk any distance with Zach and get pledges for your race. Sound good? Click HERE to donate.

We're all-in on this, especially now that I've gotten Pat to walk the 5-mile race with me. If you can help out Zach and his 100K for Crim campaign, please do and spread the word! It's all for the good of Flint.

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