Bobby Shmurda's case just keeps getting heavier, but it looks like there is a silver lining to the news this time around. The "Hot Boy" rapper was reportedly sentenced to four more years of prison time for attempted promoting prison contraband after he was caught sneaking in a shank.

According to TMZ, the GS9 member appeared in court with his attorney Paul London earlier today (April 7), where he was sentenced to four years for the charge after pleading guilty. Fortunately, the new sentence runs concurrently, which means that it won't be added on to the current seven years he is already serving for a murder conspiracy conviction. Sources close to the rapper allegedly pushed him to plead guilty and take the deal, and now he will be serving both sentences simultaneously.

Shmurda has been behind bars since 2014, when he was part of a mass arrest involving him and 12 other members of the GS9 crew at Quad Studios in New York City. He was officially sentenced to seven years last October, despite attempting to overturn his previously arranged plea deal.

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