Bodega Bamz is one of New York's finest. The rapper, who has proven he can freestyle like the best of the best and make use of engrossing beats, has released his new four-track EP, NC-17, on Oct. 9.

The cover art depicts a boy watching television with his mouth open in amazement. On the wall, there is a sticky note that reads "BE HOME LATER — MOM," which indicates the kid's mother has left him home alone.

The title of the EP, NC-17, is inspired by the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system, which means no one 17 and under admitted.

Earlier this week, Bamz shared a snippet of the track "Iscream" on his Instagram account and revealed that it's his favorite. "THIS MY FAV JOINT OFF MY NEW EP," he captioned his Instagram post.

NC-17 comes after the release of his album, P.A.P.I (Proud and Powerful Individualz) on April 13. The lead single off the project, "Clout," displayed the rapper's smooth lyricism and good ear for a beat.

"I'm dressing up for a ball, hit records out the park/Would dream about a Porsche, now I drive it to the store/Double park for a loosie, turn the bass up for Tunechi," he raps on the track.

Following the the release of P.A.P.I. Bamz went on a 30-day tour with rapper Smoke DZA for their tour, "Money in the Bank." The tour started on May 17 in Cleveland and ended in early July in New York.

As if the Spanish Harlem native doesn't have enough on his plate already, the Showtime series Smilf, which features Bamz as an actor, returns later this year.

Check out Bodega Bamz's NC-17 EP tracklist below.

Bodega Bamz NC-17 EP tracklist

1. “NC-17”
2. “Hallways”
3. “Iscream”
4. “Arcadia”

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