Boosie Badazz is not happy with DaBaby getting kicked off three major music festivals this week after DaBaby spewed homophonic remarks at Rolling Loud Miami festival last Sunday.

On Monday (Aug. 2), Boosie hopped on his Instagram page and posted a video in which he shared his thoughts on DaBaby getting dropped from the lineup of three major festivals—First Lollapalooza in Chicago, then the Governors Ball in New York and Day N Vegas in Las Vegas —for his homophobic remarks. The North Carolina rapper has since delivered a formal apology to the LGBQT+ community.

“It’s sad on how y’all trying to force this gay stuff on the world, it’s sad,” Boosie BadAzz said. “How y’all tryin’ to ban artists, y’all sad, bro. It’s sad, bro.”

“In 10 years, it ain’t gon’ be normal for a kid to be straight,” he continued. “It’s sad, bro.”

The Goat Talk 3 artist then appears to suggest that a gay agenda is being forcibly pushed on rap artists.

“Y’all tryin’ to force it on these kids, bro,” he stated. “You pushin’ on the artists. Pushin’ it on all of the biggest artists. You know why? ’Cause the kids love those artists.”

“You attacking these kids. The kids love these artists. So we are going to make them promote all of this shit,” he added. “We are going to make them promote it and who are going to follow? The kids.”

Boosie concluded, “It’s sad, bro. It’s sad, bro. God is doing backflips right now.” You can watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Boosie’s latest rant doesn’t stray away from his previous anti-gay tirade last week when he voiced his displeasure with people canceling DaBaby for his own homophobic remarks, but people did not Lil Nas X for saying in a tweet on July 24 that himself and Jack Harlow will perform their collaborative track "Industry Baby" naked for charity at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12. However, knowing how Lil Nas X likes to troll on social media, the comments could all be a joke.

Nevertheless, Boosie wasn’t happy.

"That's the most disrespectful muthafucka in the world he said that he gonna get naked onstage," he said. "They got kids watchin' that shit. Niggas be taking it too far and shit."

In another video, Boosie seemed to suggest that he would do bodily harm to Nas X if he was at the VMAs and saw the “Old Town Road” rapper performing onstage nude. "If I'm at the awards and he go up there naked I'm gon' drag his ass offstage and beat his ass," he stated.

In response, Nas X wrote in a now-deleted tweet on his Twitter page, “Not what we what we meant by freedom of speech.”

Can we all just get along?

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