Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has confessed to the Boston Marathon bombings, but told interrogators that his dead brother was the driving force behind the attacks.

The 19 year old suspect is in the hospital recovering from an attempted suicide after police had him trapped in a boat.

Tsarnaev is barely able to speak as a result of the injuries, but is answering police questioning with nods and writing.  He is admitting to his role in the Boston Marathon Bombing, but has said that his brother was the driving force behind the plan.

Tsarnaev is facing life in prison or the death penalty regardless of who is to blame, and will face the punishment after he has recovered fully.

The profile of Tsarnaev has shocked a lot of people because he is not the typical stereotype that people expect.  He was a popular outgoing kid, and even after the bombing, seemed unaffected by everything.

A picture from the helicopter heat camera has been released showing  Tsarnaev hiding in the boat police found him in.

Mass State Police