Brian Williams admitted that a story he told about being shot down during the Iraq war in 2003 was not entirely true.

The NBC News anchor has repeated the story several times, claiming that he was in an aircraft that was hit by enemy fire, and forced to land.

Yesterday he came clean saying that he was actually in an aircraft following the aircraft that was shot down.  He apologized saying that he mistakenly recalled the events, and that his only intention was to thank the soldiers that helped in the emergency.

Some of the men who were with Williams during the incident heard his version of the story, and called him out on the lie.

Do you think there's any chance he actually made a mistake, or was this just an attempt to make the story bigger and he eventually got called out?

Maybe Brian should just stick to rapping . . .

Just for good measure, here is Brian Williams telling the "bungled" version of what happened in Iraq to David Letterman.