Brian Williams might be the most lyrical new anchor of our generation, and he flexes his wordplay with a rendition of 'Baby Got Back'.

I have no idea who is responsible for digging through old Brian Williams news clips to find the right audio, but he/she deserves a raise!  Check out the lyrical miracle, that is Brian Williams below.

This isnt the first time that B-Dub (I just named him that) has taken on the classics.  Did you see Williams go in on 'Gin And Juice?'


I'd like to see Dan Rather get on the mic and drop a diss track to Williams . . . maybe Katie Couric could get in on the news-hip hop beef!

I have to say though that the classics are always best when they are performed by the original artists.  When you add in a full symphony orchestra, things only get better.  Check out the proof that Sir Mix-A-Lot provides.


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