Last week news broke that Buena Vista Township Clerk was recorded using a racial slur to describe the Township's Supervisor.  Things got worse when the clerk tried to justify her use of the N-word.  The community wasn't too happy about it or anyone on the Township board.

Township Clerk Gloria Platko was recorded using the N-word to describe her peer Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker.  It has been no secret that Platko dislikes Parker however to use a hateful word like the N-word is out of line. Platko originally defended using the hateful word last week.

“They’re trying to make it sound like a racial thing. It’s not a race thing,” Platko said. “This was a private phone call that he recorded. This was directed toward one person. This was not directed toward a race or a group of people.”

“Every race of people have (N-words), every culture has (N-words)," 69-year-old Platko said. “Look up the definition. I learned that way back in grade school. I learned that at St. Joe’s and Holy Rosary.

“They're blowing this up and trying to make it a racial thing and it’s not. I will defend any black person in this township except Dwayne Parker — he’s a lowlife.”

On Tuesday, April 30th at 6pm, a special meeting will be held to discuss a resolution to this hateful problem.  Platko has penned an apology and it has been received with mixed feelings from the community.  Not sure what will happen at the special meeting but I hope that Platko will step down and allow the Board of Trustees to move forward without her.

Do you think Platko should resign or continue to serve the Buena Vista community?  Leave your comment below in the comment section.


via MLive