A California cop handcuffed a firefighter who was trying to help accident victims.  Here is a perfect example of miscommunication at it's highest level. 

Chula Vista Fire Department Engineer Jacob Gregoire, 36 years old, refused to move his vehicle from the fast lane on the expressway.  Police are saying Gregoire engine was blocking an ambulance from reaching the scene of the accident.

California Highway Patrol officer handcuffed Gregoire and placed him in the back of the cop car but didn't arrest him.  While the firefighter was detained, other EMS staff attended to the victims.  It is believed that Gregoire didn't want to leave the victims unattended just to move a vehicle and/or cause a pile up on the expressway by moving the engine.

Jacob Gregoire, 12 year veteran firefighter was not arrested and found to be operating under standard procedure.  California Highway Patrol has kicked off an investigation.