Canine Influenza is running through Mid-Michigan right now and pet care officials are encouraging all owners to get a helpful vaccine for your dog.

The canine influenza outbreak started gaining momentum in Michigan near the end of July, and into August. There have been more than 50 confirmed cases of influenza in Michigan dogs in the last month alone.

The scary part for dog owners is that according to Bay County Animal Control, 100% of dogs that are exposed to this influenza outbreak will get sick unless they are vaccinated.

The good news is that you can get your doggo vaccinated at most any veterinarians office, and most animal control shelters.

One example is the vaccination event that the Bay Animal Hospital is hosting today (Monday 8/6). Even if you are not a patient at the hospital, you can take your dog in for a vaccination from 2pm to 6pm. Vaccinations will cost $28 per pet.

If you are not in the Bay Area, you can contact your local vet or animal shelter to get more information about protecting your dog.


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