Cardi B was recently involved in a heated argument at a Las Vegas shopping mall in late-April after a fan wanted to take a photo with her. According to a May 14 report from The Blast, the incident occurred on April 27 but footage from the situation has recently gone viral.

In the video, the Invasion of Privacy rapper can be seen yelling from inside of a store while a crowd of people and security guards stand outside. While what Cardi is saying can't be heard, someone else can be heard shouting, "Come outside you bitch."

The Blast reports that Lolita Beckford-Dawkins was the woman arguing with Cardi, who says she was trying to take a photo with the rapper and admits to shouting, "Fuck Cardi, you ain't shit," after the rapper said no.

The "Be Careful" artist eventually jumped on Twitter to address the situation, saying she didn't want to take a photo because she wasn't in the best mood and wasn't feeling her look.

"I was walking to the store and the man asked for a picture and I said no!" Cardi wrote in a series of now-deleted tweets. "Then he took out his phone, got next to me, and my security told him, 'She said no!' Then the guy and his girl started calling me a wack ass bitch so I started barking."

According to the rapper, the man and the woman continued following her as she made her way to the store. "If I respectfully told you I don't want to take a picture, your drunk ass shouldn't get close to me and disrespect my decisions, space or privacy," she added. "I always take pictures with fans... If I don't have no makeup, in a rush, not in the mood, I'm not obligated and not everybody is YOUR FAN. Clearly."

The incident was actually the second situation Cardi was involved in that day. Following the fight at the mall, Cardi was rushed away and was then later present for a scuffle Migos got involved in outside of the Encore Hotel and Casino in Vegas.

Check out footage of the argument below.

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