J. Cole sat down with Angie Martinez to discuss everything from social media addiction to his new album KOD, and snippets from the extensive interview released yesterday on Power 105.1's Twitter account attributed a quote from J. Cole saying Drake texted him when he broke Spotify's streaming records.

As the full interview has been revealed, J. Cole clarifies that he was joking about Drake saying "Yeah, he said 'I hate you'," via text message.

"Nah, nah, nah, I don't hear from him really," Cole says as he and Angie laugh.

Head over to our updated post to see the full J. Cole interview with Angie Martinez.

Power 105.1 via Twitter
Power 105.1 via Twitter


Not too much has been documented about Drake's relationship with J. Cole since the two of them were spotted buying copies of Cole's second LP, Born Sinner, five years ago. Well, apparently they're still cool—cool enough to for Drizzy to joke about Cole's success.

In a snippet of a new interview with veteran media personality Angie Martinez, which was broadcasted today (May 15), Cole speaks a bit about addiction, new music and his new KOD album. According to a tweet from Power 105.1, one part of the conversation finds Cole recounting the moment the Toronto rapper reached out to him after his KOD project earned a new streaming distinction on Spotify.

"Yeah he text me and said I hate you," Cole said on air. Based on Power 105.1's tweet, Cole could be speaking about how his KOD album broke Spotify's single-day U.S. streaming record last month. We can't be entirely sure which record, specifically, Cole and Angie are talking about, though, because the entire interview won’t be released until tomorrow morning (May 16). At this point, it's unclear whether or not Cole has taken a Spotify streaming record from Drizzy.

Looking back to last year, Drizzy's More Life project earned 61,302,082 streams on Spotify in its first full day on the platform. Those were global streams, and at the time, it was a Spotify record. Narrowing that scope to just streams in the U.S., Cole's KOD earned 36.7 million Spotify streams in its opening day. It looks like Cole's project, at least for one week last month, held the record for most U.S. Spotify streams in one day, while its unclear whether or not Drizzy's project ever held the U.S. record. If it didn't, then maybe Cole did best Drizzy in that particular category.

Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys earned U.S. and global records one week after KOD took home the U.S. Spotify streaming title. That project earned 47,930,039 U.S. Spotify streams in its first day.

Looking at songs, Drizzy's "God's Plan" broke Spotify's single-day streaming record on January 22, earning 4.7 million streams in 24 hours. Cole's "KOD" got 4.3 million streams in its opening day, taking home the record for most streams in a song's first 24 hours on the streaming platform. Cole’s record was for opening day Spotify streams, though, not single-day. In other words, Cole didn't break Drizzy's single-day streaming record for a song on Spotify.

As far as the album side of things, KOD is responsible for breaking Drizzy's Views record for most streams on Apple Music in one day's time. On April 23, KOD earned 64.5 million stream's in a single day, nearly one million more than Drizzy's Views LP. Drizzy's record was set on May 8, 2016.

Again, though, that's Apple Music, not Spotify. We'll get more clarity when Martinez's interview drops tomorrow morning (May 16). Whichever record Cole's alluding to, it sounds like he and Drizzy had a good time with it.

Check out the tweet describing Drizzy's text below.

Power 105.1 via Twitter
Power 105.1 via Twitter

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