Much like her collab with Pardison Fontaine suggests, Cardi B definitely walks it like she talks it. She proved that point when she pulled up on a Twitter troll last night.

On Thursday (Nov. 7), Cardi was responding to fans on Twitter when someone said something to her about Karol G's new record "Tusa" with Nicki Minaj. In response, Cardi claimed that she was offered the song first and passed on it, which led to an exchange with a troll that ended up in a real-life meeting.

"I passed on it. Now sip on that," Cardi quipped, to which a troll under the username @lookdamacio responded, "Don't get beat up." (It is unclear if he was the original tweeter that prompted Cardi's initial reply because that tweet has been deleted.)

With a retweet of his response, Cardi wrote, "By who? Cause I'm 46 and 8th ave in Ny in case somebody want to see me!"

Another fan under the username @johnrockyafella replied to the Invasion of Privacy rapper with a video showing that he too was at 46th and 8th. The pair went back and forth briefly before the exchange ended with a video from Cardi's viewpoint as two men blow kisses at her and exchange I love you's. One of the two men is @johnrockyafella, but it is unclear if the other is @lookdamacio.

Another video from the viewpoint of the two men shows them saying that they're fans while Cardi responds, "I'm not about trolling. I pull the fuck up."

One of the two men, @johnrockyafella, later tweeted, "Lmfaooo to y’all saying I’m a grown man, girl i know I’m trolling i was already in Hell’s Kitchen."

In recent news, Cardi B revealed that she is currently working on her sophomore album and preparing for her upcoming tour. She has also signed another major movie deal, landing a role in the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious film franchise. Money moves indeed.

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