New COVID-19 “Delta” Variant Is Here
Even with the recent announcement of the mask mandate being lifted early, the CDC has announced that a new variant of the COVID-19 virus "Delta" has touched down in the U.S.
The last thing we need Is a new more contagious variant of covid-19...
Outdoor & Indoor Capacity Restrictions Are Easing Up
Today marks the first day of June and a new easing of some outdoor and indoor COVID-19 restrictions.
Masks are slowly fading away and Gov. Whitmer announced on Sunday the new guidelines for masks and social gatherings. 
“As Michiganders have stepped up to get vaccinated and the CDC has released new gu…
Michigan Bill Cracks Down On Definition Of Marijuana
Cannabis is the new cash crop and Michigan is taking more steps to crack down on the small loopholes that gas stations and other businesses abuse to sell untested products.
I think this is a great move, a lot of small shady businesses are still involved in the cannabis market in Michigan and this sho…
CDC Warns Of Possible Side Effects From Second Vaccine Dose
The Center For Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning for young teens and adolescents following the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine which has shown in some rare instances to cause inflammation around the heart, myocarditis.
Jeeez, if people didn't have already vaccine hesitancy,…
Berston Field House Hosting Walk-In Covid Vaccine Clinic
Berston Field House in Flint will be hosting a no charge, walk-in Covid vaccine clinic on Wednesday, May 26th.
The vaccine clinic is happening at Berston, but the clinic is actually put on by Genesee Community Health Center. Flint and Genesee County have been lagging behind the rest of the state when…
9 Plants That Mosquitoes Absolutely Hate
Summer is finally making it's arrival, and along with the warm temps and fun in the sun comes those tiny, little, pesky, intruders of the season.....mosquitoes.
When it comes to mosquitoes, Michigan seems to be bombarded with them when summer arrives...

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