Cedar Point officials confirmed that three attractions will be closing down this season, along with some added perks for park enthusiasts.

The announcements came at the parks Winter Chill Out Event, benefiting 'A Kid Again' charities.  The fundraising was very successful, raising more than $40,000.

There have been ride change rumors all Winter, and those rumors were confirmed this weekend.  The ride changes are listed below.

  • The record setting Valravn will be open for riders.  Check out the Valravn highlights here.
  • Shoot The Rapids water ride will close, confirming the earlier rumors.
  • 2 rides in the Challenge Park will close.  Skyscraper and Challenge Racing will be not be reopening.
  • The bumper cars will receive a complete makeover, including bigger cars and a bigger riding area.

A couple of new chances to see the park from a different point of view are also being offered this year.  The Sunrise Thrills Tour will let people in to see what goes into waking up the park.  Including a photo op at the top of Valravn for everyone on the tour.

Finally, the Ride Warriors Club is a great new chance for Cedar Point enthusiasts to get an inside track on the park.