The Christmas tree is barely down and summer 2022 is on everyone's mind, and if you live in Michigan that will probably include a trip to Cedar Point.

The popular Sandusky, Ohio amusement park has been making quite a few upgrades and changes lately, most recently the removal of the Wicked Twister roller coaster, The visitor favorite 215-foot-tall, 72-mph steel roller coaster, was closed this past September for "future park improvements". Changes like that are usually welcomed by park-goers, but the latest announced change won't have summer guests too happy.

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Cedar Point has announced a price increase for 2022. Walk-up admission pricing at the gate will now be $85. That's a $10 increase from just last year. Just to compare, in 2012 tickets were $51.99, and in 2002 only $42 according to the tracking site, CP Food Blog. 

Yes, there is an increase, but there is no need to completely panic. Those looking to save a little cash on their Cedar Point venture have a few different options to consider. First, there is a pre-sale deal going on right now where you can purchase your Any Day Admission ticket for $45.

Those who plan on making the trip to Sandusky more than once in 2022 may want to consider buying a Cedar Point Season Pass, On sale right now for $135, the pass is good for unlimited visits during the entire 2022 season. Cedar Point will also be offering online discount tickets for Military members soon as well.

Cedar Point is set to open for the 2022 season on May 7th.

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