Oberon Day is a Michigan holiday that marks the unofficial start of summer. March 25th is the day that Oberon from Bell's Brewery will be available.

This has turned into a huge Michigan holiday. Bars and restaurants all over are making sure to have plenty of orange slices on hand. Some places even hold Oberon Tapping parties at Midnight on the Sunday before Oberon Day. The day has even expanded into Oberon Donuts.

Some people have a hard time celebrating Oberon Day because of this crazy thing called "work".

Don't worry though, because the geniuses at Bell's Brewery are here to help you get out of work.

You can have the note personalized and sent directly to your boss here.

If you have questions about Oberon Day or just feel like learning more about it make sure you read, "Everything You Need To Know About Oberon Day."


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