Justice came swift and unforgiving after Roseanne Barr unleashed a racist tweet calling former President Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarett, an African-American woman born in Iran to American parents, the spawn of the "Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes" on Twitter. Within mere hours, Roseanne, the reboot of Barr's original show of the same name, was cancelled by ABC, just months before airing its planned eleventh season.

Following the news of Rosanne's cancellation, celebrities horrified by Barr's remarks on Twitter reacted all across social media, with many lauding ABC over their decision.

"She got what she deserved. As I tell my 4 year old, one makes a choice with one’s actions. Roseanne made a choice. A racist one. ABC made a choice. A human one," Grey's Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rhimes tweeted, while Alyssa Milano thanked the network for "doing the right thing."

Below, check out celebrity reactions to Roseanne Barr's firing.

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