Mo'Nique called Roseanne Barr her "Sister in Comedy" and is speaking up defending her recent huge mistake. Wait, what?

These two should be sisters because controversy follows them everywhere they go. For one Mo'Nique can't land a decent job in Hollywood anymore because from what information I can gather, she seems to be a total jerk.

As for Roseanne, her recent mistake made nationwide news. But this isn't the first time that Roseanne Barr got herself into trouble. Remember the Hitler cookie photo? Yea, that was pretty bad.

Both of these ladies need a better manager because they are making some terrible decisions. And the part that kills me about this is that Mo'Nique claimed that Netflix was being racist towards her a while back. But, wasn't Roseanne Barr being racist? And now your defending her!? What is happening....

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