Chad Ochocinco is definitely enjoying his life. He's an NFL star, a reporter on his own OCNN network, reality star and now a Bull Rider. There was a Bull Riding event over the weekend in Atlanta and he took his chances on the big beast. See how long Mr. 85 lasted.

Ochocinco is living the life as I stated. He's just a regular kid from the hood of Miami who is getting to do things that the average kid from his 'hood would never be able to do. And that's one of the things I like most about him. He's stepping outside of his comfort zone and embracing life.

Now that being said... Chad you might wanna lay off the Bulls homie. This isn't for you. He only lasted 1.5 seconds on the Bull. As much of an athlete as he is. That shows me how difficult and insane Riding a Bull must be. Here are a few of his Tweets about his experience.

My hand getting stuck in the rope when I fall off (almost did) RT @TaylorgangClive:What was your biggest fear of riding that bull @ochocinco

1 second,to much power,once that gate opens the bull says 3 words #GetOffMe RT @RayJefury@ochocinco ~ How long did you hang on?

Love me or hate me,both will be in my favor.If you love me,I'll always be in ur heart.If u hate me,I'll always be on your mind #1Luv

Don't forget the guy even was on "Dancing With The Stars"

And he even played soccer!