So beer yoga is a thing, and Chance The Rapper is the latest hip-hop artist to take part. With Kevin Hart, nonetheless.

Chance is the newest participant on Kevin Hart's YouTube Original, What The Fit. As expected, it was nothing but nonstop hysterics from the two beginning to end. Beer Yoga didn't involve too much working out, which the "My Peak" didn't seem to mind at all. When Hart picked Chance up via Lyft, the Chicago emcee quickly advised the "Kevin's Heart" star that he's not a "fitness guy." "Every month, once in a while, I challenge myself to 20 push-ups. I do 17 and then I go back to being famous," he shares with him.

Moments later the two take part in a FaceTime celebrity game, which entails video calling their A-list friends to see which one will actually answer. Though ignored by Quavo, Chance is trolled by comedic legend Chris Rock, who answers for Hart and tells the Coloring Book spitter he's "new to this shit." "He's so new he has to put 'The Rapper' at the end of his name," Rock adds.

The end result is a session of beer yoga, which is a fail, to say the least. "This is totally disrespectful to anybody that really does yoga," says Chance as he raises his two beers in the air, concluding their time. Agreed.

While Chance has appeared on features in recent months, it's been a rather quiet 2018 for him on the music end. The platinum-selling artist received an honorary doctorate degree from New Orleans' Dillard University this month (May 12), and most recently announced an acting role in the upcoming Trolls 2 film. On Friday (May 25), however, Mike Dean shared a photo of Chance with Rick Rubin and Kanye, hinting at a collaboration from the three on 'Ye's forthcoming LP, due out tomorrow (June 1).

Stay tuned, and check out beer yoga with Chance and Kevin below.

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