Are you ready... for security? Are you ready... to be escorted out? Chance The Rapper is in a league of his own when it comes to treating his fans well, purchasing nearly 2,000 tickets for his Magnificent Coloring Day event from scalpers to resell at a more reasonable price last month. However, during a show in Miami Monday night (Oct. 10) Chance had to body slam a fan who ran onstage mid-performance, interrupting "Blessings (Reprise)."

The footage can be seen above, Chance losing himself somewhat as the song crescendos. He quickly snaps into form though, taking the fan to the ground and losing his hat in the process. It doesn't seem as if the fan wishes any harm to Chance, but regardless of intention, running on stage during a performance is a huge violation of artist security.

The Magnificent Coloring World Tour continues on this week with a stop in New Orleans on Thursday (Oct. 13). There is no doubt that enthusiasm for Chance and his stage show is at an all time high. At the Magnificent Coloring Day Festival in Chicago last month, chaos ensued when fans responded to a Kanye West appearance by pouring from the stands down onto the field at White Sox Stadium.

While a passion for hip-hop and its lead artists is great, safety is paramount at any live show, with Chance fans a little too zealous in recent weeks. Peep the footage from the Miami show up above, with Chance, as of 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, yet to issue any comment via social media.

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