Former Southwestern Academy, Michigan State and current Golden State Warrior Charlie Bell spent a few hours in police custody Thursday morning.

Bell was in court to resolve a drunk driving and suspended license arrest from October.

I'm normally on the side of athletes and celebrities on these cases . . . I think that they become targets rather than normal citizens.  Honestly though, who drinks before their drunk driving hearing?!

Charlie Bell

Bell, now a member of the Golden State Warriors, reportedly blew a .09 Thursday morning at a pre-scheduled alcohol assessment.

The legal limit is .08, but again I'll ask, who drinks before their DUI hearing?

Charlies attorney Michael Manley told ABC12, "Bell takes full responsibility for what happened, adding there was a definite sanction for his actions."

Adding this to the rumors around his x-wife Kenya Bell stabbing him, this has not been a great year for Charlie.

Let me make one thing very clear, Charlie Bell is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  He is talented, hard working and I personally hope that this turns out to be the last negative thing we read about him in the news.


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