Charlotte Russe declared bankruptcy this week leading to the closure of 94 stores, four of those stores are in Michigan.

I can't count the number of hours (or dollars) I spent in Charlotte Russe in the first few years of dating my wife. Whenever we were going out for the night, I could plan on a trip to Charlotte Russe to find new clothes for the event. It was painful.

Despite my painful memories, it's never good to see a major retailer in our area close. The Flint store is not on the closure list, but the Saginaw store is. The four stores in Michigan closing are listed below.

  • Saginaw - Inside the Fashion Square Mall
  • Howell
  • Okemos
  • Dearborn

Major department stores have been closing their doors like crazy recently. Online shopping has been a major factor in the closings.

Closings like this have a big ripple effect when they happen. The Fashion Square Mall is in the same position most malls are in right now. They can't afford to lose many more major businesses, or they may have to start downsizing themselves.

What major chain do you think is next to close their doors?


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