A Chili's in Cedar Hill, Tex. has become the center of a firestorm after it took food away from a veteran who some in the eatery did not feel served his country.

Chili's was offering free food to men and women who served in the military as part of a Veterans Day promotion, something Ernest Walker, 47, who served in the Army, tried to enjoy. Things went haywire, though, when, as the Dallas Morning News reports, "an elderly white man wearing a Donald Trump shirt approached him and said that he was in Germany and that blacks weren't allowed to serve there."

The man retreated to the back of the restaurant and a few minutes later the manager approached Walker at his table, questioning the validity of his veteran's status. The two had an ugly encounter, which Walker posted on Facebook.

The incident sparked a fierce backlash, with people protesting the restaurant. Chili's released a statement apologizing for what transpired.

Even so, Walker says he plans to file assault charged against the manager for touching him while stripping him of the food he had planned to take home.

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