Chris Brown has found himself at the center of controversy once again.

On Friday (June 21) dropped his new album Indigo, and the album cut "Need a Stack," which features Breezy's frequent collaborators Joyner Lucas and Lil Wayne, is what has people talking.

"Diggin’ it, then I’m lickin’ all on that pussy, put it right there," Chris says on the third verse on the song. "Only wanna fuck the Black bitches with the nice hair."

The lyrics sparked backlash because many people question what Brown means by "nice hair" and take it to mean he's only interested in Black women with mixed heritage.

"Why are we surprised that Chris Brown said he would only fuck black women with "good hair"? Look at the list of chicks he dates and has dated all lightskin women with a looser curl pattern lol but yall still gonna support his ignorant ass," one fan wrote.

"Chris Brown said “only fuck with black bitches with nice hair” .. so fucking ignorant 🙄🙄🙄," another fan wrote. "No surprise though!!! I’m so tired of Black Men spreading their colorist hate. So Exhausting. Probably shouldn’t insult your core fan base."

Other listeners were on his side.

"Sooooo y’all mad @chrisbrown bc he don’t want to fuck a black girl whit bad hair?" someone wrote. "Who want to fuck any girl with bad hair? He just said “black” bc he like “black” women, (I think) no girl would fuck a guy with bad hair or nappy hair, stop being cry babies."

Chris responded with a comment on Instagram, then shared it to his Instagram story so that his fans could see.

"Yall trippin trippin. Yall bitches don't wanna fuck da nigga wit da fucked up teeth do you?????!!!!!" Chris wrote. "Only bitches upset is the uglies (Not the black queens) ❤️😂."

You can view fans' reactions to Breezy's lyric and his response below.


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