Blueface is seen on camera kicking his sister and mom outta his house allegedly over his new girlfriend. This looks messy.

I've had plenty of family issues to deal with. I've got into countless arguments with my sister. But I've never gotten to a point where I would throw my own mother outta my house over a girl.  My sister, maybe. And some of you might disagree. And for the record,I don't know the full story of what happened here so I won't pretend like I'm better than anyone.

From the video it looks like his mom and sister weren't getting along with Bluefaces's girlfriend, so Blueface decided to throw them out. If that is the case, then that's messed up if the woman that raised me had a weird sense about someone I'm talking too, I would at least listen to it. Then again we don't know how the event took place. Either way, this isn't a good look for Blueface.

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