Christian artist 'Bizzle' is not happy with the praise that Macklemore has received for his hit 'Same Love', so he decided to record a response explaining why he thinks the song is full of holes.

Bizzle obviously takes the standard Christian stance that homosexuality is a sin, and uses that as a launch pad to go in on some of the comparisons that Macklemore makes.

In his nearly six minute rant, Bizzle goes after the comparisons of the gay-rights movement to the civil rights fight of African-Americans.  The basis for a lot of Bizzle's points are that he does not believe that people can be born gay. He uses that belief later in the song when talking about people born with disabilities, saying that Macklemore should never use the word retard in a negative manor.

You can download the song for free at Bizzle's website

The response to Bizzle has been heated as you can imagine.  This is a debate that has been raging for quite some time, and won't be settled by this song.

The timing for Bizzles track is odd, considering that Macklemore just launched a huge anti-discrimination campaign with USA.

What do you think of the response?