Weddings in Midland's 75th District Court are now a thing of the past, and the decision is making some people wonder if it has anything to do with the Supreme Court's decision.

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WNEM is reporting that a Midland County Clerk simply stated that the decision was a, "Change in procedure."

There are two things to keep in mind here though . . . First is that there is no law requiring the court to perform marriages.  Second, is that the court administrator is out of the office right now, and he may be able to give a more in depth answer.

Without a solid answer though, it does open the door for people to speculate.  Do you think the decision to stop marriages had anything to do with the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriages?


In a joint statement, judges Stephen Carras, Michael Beale and Dorene Allen said:

"The people of Midland County elected us to uphold the Constitution and laws of this land."

While there was never a clear explanation as to why the marriages stopped in the first place, it's clear that they will be back on.

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