Ciara is helping kids "level up" by encouraging them to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

On Wednesday (Nov. 17), the "1, 2 Step" hit-maker visited the White House at the invitation of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. As a mother of three, she was there to speak about the importance of vaccination among the 5- to 11-year-old age group.

The R&B-pop star's youngest son, 16-months-old Win Harrison, stole the show when he began crawling by the podium, in awe of all of the cameras and reporters.

Ciara's 7-year-old son Future received his vaccine just two days before the conference. Ciara admitted that he was a bit nervous at first.

"But he was excited because a lot of his classmates have gotten vaccinated," Ciara explained to CNN. "So, you know, it was really cool to be on that journey with him, being a mom and you know, seeing it through his eyes, I think, was amazing as well. And I think the ultimate goal was to end this thing, you know, and for us all to feel more safe and how to add a layer of protection."

Ciara added that "being educated in this process is really important, because I think that will make a difference for parents and them feeling more comfortable to take a leap of faith basically."

Ciara also participated in a round table discussion with Biden, which was shared on social media.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now recommends vaccinating children as young as 5 with Pfizer's two-dose vaccine. The White House estimates that roughly 10 percent of children (2.6 million) between the ages of 5 to 11 have been vaccinated with their first dose.

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