The City of Flint is asking for residents help in clearing snow after more than 12 inches fell since Sunday and more expected this weekend.

City officials are asking residents and businesses to look out for one another in their neighborhoods and to help clear sidewalks and fire hydrants of snow. The city says the shoveling of sidewalks greatly enhance the safety of those who need to use them such as school children, mail carriers and users of public transit. The efforts can greatly reduce accidents by encouraging people to use the sidewalks rather than the streets.

The city is also asking for fire hydrants to be cleared by property owners or nearby residents so that they are easily located by firefighters. Fire Chief David Cox Jr. says "doing this small action will reduce the time spent trying to fight fires and possibly help save lives."

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling is thanking residents and businesses for their additional efforts saying "when you have a neighbor helping each other out with shoveling or a business making sure the fire hydrants on their property are clear, this is when we as a community come together, help each other out and show how much we really love her city."