The city of Flint has declared a snow emergency after the winter storm that covered Genesee County in a blanket of snow.

The heavy snowfall dropped up to 10 inches of snow in some parts of Genesee County, and it has most of us staying home. Schools in Genesee County closed today, and now the Mayor has declared a snow emergency in the city. The emergency declaration means that all of the city buildings will be closed today.

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The declaration also means that parking on the street today is not allowed. This will allow for plows to remove the snow from the streets a little easier. The city is warning that if you do not move your car, and it gets buried by a plow, you are responsible for digging it out.

The emergency declaration is also impacting trash day. Trash pickup that was scheduled for today (Tuesday) will now be picked up on Wednesday to allow for plows to clear the city streets.

The snow emergency declaration lasts until 10pm tonight, but if plows are unable to clear the streets, it may be extended.

After driving into work this morning I can personally say that the snow emergency is definitely warranted. Many of the roads I drove on were untouched, and the expressways had one passable lane in both directions. The plows are out working to clear the snow, but when so much of our area gets this much snow, it takes a lot of time to clear it all away.

If you can, stay off of the roads and try to get out and enjoy the snow . . . or just hold up inside and take advantage of not having to be anywhere today.


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