Two of Flint's biggest names stopped by for the 8-1-Show and talked about their craft and share what makes Flint such an unique place to come from.

Zeke Gundry and Claressa Shields put on for Flint every single day. Coming from a city that is filled with such negativity, its a blessing to have these two rep Flint everywhere they go.

Claressa Shields is fresh from her gold medal win at the 2016 Olympics and says Flint is what made her the person she is today. Winner of not just one Olympic gold medal, but the first American to win back to back gold medals, Shields is a great example of an athlete that puts on for the city of Flint every time she enters the ring.

Zeke Gundry being an artist that not only blew up in the social media world with millions of views with his bar challenge videos, but also shared the mic with Morris Peterson on the Sway In The Morning show, carries Flint with him everywhere he goes. Gundry is a true lyricist that spreads creativity in every bar he spits.



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