The self proclaimed "King Of Flint" helped out the community in a major way by standing on the corner of Dort Highway handing out money to those in need.

There's no one in the city that puts on for Flint more than Cliff Mac. Over the weekend Cliff stood on the corner of Dort Highway with a sign that read "I am not homeless. I got cars, I got houses, and a son on the way. I'm giving because I'm blessed. Do you need $$?"

Even rapper Plies noticed the good deed and shared it on his social media page. I really wish more rappers in the city of Flint would give back to the city like Cliff has. This isn't the first time Cliff has given back. From helping with the Flint Water Crisis, to mowing lawns in the city, to even buying property and renting it to those in need, Cliff has proven that he really is the "King Of Flint"

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