This Sunday we welcomed the October 810 Local Flow winner 'Berzerk' in the studio for his Spotlight.

We also get into a little GTA argument, so if you are fan of the game log onto our Facebook and help us out a little.

Here are the tracks we played this week.

Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wayne - 'Pretty Little Heart'
Wale - 'Chain Music'
Wale ft. Miguel - 'Lotus Flower Bomb'
Yelawolf ft. Kid Rock - 'Let's Roll'
Berzerk - 'Zone'
Berzerk - 'Can't Be Stopped'
Berzerk - 'Stop Making A Fool'
T Mills - 'The Boom'
Trey Songz ft. Fabolous - 'What I Be On'
Childish Gambino - 'Bonfire'
Karmin - 'Crash Your Party'