Caffeine is the life blood that fuels most people's day, and now there are people trying to maximize their caffeine.

Coffee is my choice to get a caffeine boost in the morning, or afternoon . . . OK, anytime during the day. If you are not a coffee person, then you probably reach for a Coke or some other soda.

It was only a matter of time before someone realized that mixing the two would lead to MAX CAFFEINE POTENTIAL! or a heart attack.

The scary part is that people are actually doing this . . . a lot of people. So many people that Coke has developed their own brand of coffee coke.

I can fully admit that I am probably addicted to caffeine. I think it would be impossible to wake up as early as I do and not shock my body with a cup of caffeine coffee. I just don't know if I can get behind the idea of mixing Coke and coffee.

I worry about the taste sure, but I also worry about what all that caffeine would do to you. Then you have to think about the progression of this. I can see a five hour energy/coffee combo coming next. The next you know, everyone has a can of Powerthirst in their hand.

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