1 cone per 10 MPH? How about not parking a service truck halfway on the side of the road causing multiple accidents?

Lets be honest, Comcast isn't the easiest company to deal with when it comes to customer service. From my personal experience I've spent HOURS dealing with possibly the worst customer service ever existed.

The experience these people had to deal with Comcast though was just common driving and parking knowledge. If the driver had simply either 1. Saved the technical support for another day when the roads aren't so dangerous or 2. Pulled all the way over into more around the ditch area (I know a 4x4 truck in a ditch?! How will they ever get out?) instead of halfway in the road it could of saved so many headaches. I know they're most likely fixing a power line issue and need the room, but last time I checked people's safety is way more important than making sure people can watch Game Of Thrones on time.

Here's to hoping maybe one day Comcast will get their s**t together.