The Cooking With Kids program put on by Commit2Fit is the perfect way to get your family eating healthier in the new year.

This is a program that is normally hosted by the Flint Children's Museum, and sponsored by Commit2Fit. My family and I have signed up for it multiple times in the past, and it's a great time. It gives kids the chance to learn about the foods that they're eating, along with how to prepare it. The best part is that kids are a little more willing to try new foods if they had a hand in putting it all together.

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If you're anything like my family, then the pandemic has been tough on your eating habits. I find myself, and my kids just eating snacks because we're bored rather than thinking about the food we eat. The Cooking With Kids program does a great job of showing how important the food that we choose actually is.

The upcoming session is starting soon, and the space is fairly limited, even though this is a virtual event. You can reserve your spot here, and there is absolutely no charge to do so.

I hope that we will start to turn the corner with the Coronavirus pandemic soon, so they are able to start hosting these events in person again.  Commit2Fit does a great job with the virtual lessons though, and I hope you and your family get the chance to check out the next few sessions starting on January 19th. Just remember to sign up soon, the deadline is January 12th.


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