Her name is Nikki Patterson, and she is the purest definition of a Stan.

If you're not sure what a Stan is, then you might not be a huge Eminem fan. Stan is a song by Em that detailed an obsessive fan. The term "Stan" has now become a cultural reference to a superfan of anything. So why is Nikki an Eminem "Stan"?  The picture below should give you a good idea.

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Yes, that is a thing.

Nikki is a 35 year old from Scotland, who became an Eminem superfan when she was 17 after attending one of his shows. Since that first concert, she has watched Eminem perform live 7 times.

Nikki has 28 Eminem themed tattoos on her body, with 16 of them being portraits of the rapper.

Nikki does have plans on getting more Eminem ink done on her body, but there is one piece of work that she is especially interested in getting. She is hoping to get Eminem to autograph her body, so she can get it permanently inked on her. So far there is no word on if Em plans on signing this Stan.

Her obsession with Eminem goes well beyond just tattoos though. She has a huge collection of Eminem paraphernalia in her house that has been gifted to her by other fans. The more recognition she gets for her tattoos the more her Eminem obsession grows.

I'm all for being a fan, but I feel like this might be taking it a little to far. If you want to keep up with her collection, the best way is to follow her on Instagram.


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