The Lakers have won their 17th NBA Championship, and this year the trophy is held by two players from Flint.

Kyle Kuzma and Javale McGee both played a critical role in the Lakers 17th NBA Championship run. In the 2020 post season, Kuzma averaged 10 points per game, while McGee averaged around 3 points and 3 rebounds per game. Both men are from Flint, and both are quick to acknowledge their hometown.

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Kuzma gave a tip to Flint in his post game interview that was unfortunately cut short for most of the television audience when he made a remark about being half drunk. Obviously he was joking about the amount of champagne flowing in the Lakers locker room. Kuzma collected himself, and said, "Man, I'm just a kid from Flint Michigan." You can see the comment below around the 1:00 mark.

Kuzma also celebrated by posting pictures with the trophy on his Instagram account. It's hard to believe, but Kuzma is actually the player that has been in a Laker uniform the longest of anyone currently on the team.

Javale McGee is no stranger to NBA Championships after his run with the Golden State Warriors. He was supposed to be just a bench player this year, but was put into the lineup more than anyone expected.

His NBA Finals experience definitely let him loosen up a little more than most, especially as he live streamed the championship locker room celebration.

McGee also took a moment to pose with the trophy for his IG account.

There's no telling if either Kuzma or McGee will be on the Lakers roster next year. McGee is close to winding down his NBA career, and Kuzma has been in trade talks in the last few off seasons.

No matter where they go next, we know that these two will continue to be golden reps for Flint, and we appreciate all that they do.


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