Unfortunately it'ts about that time of year again when the National Football League (NFL) goes away until the fall unless there is some kind of scandal going on, which the NFL does not need. In just a few days the biggest sporting event in the nation will be taken place.This year will be special since it is the 50th year the Super Bowl will be taken place.

On paper it looks to be a great match, with both teams relying heavily on their offensive power.

But with knowing the super bowl is close by also brings great sadness because after that special game, the NFL will be on hold until the fall.

But thank goodness I came across this hilarious video of NFL bad lip reading.

It is exactly what it sounds like, cameras pan to NFL players during their games and as they are talking someone foes a voice over, and the commentary are hilarious.

I really hope there are more of these during the NFL's off season.