I'm so excited. The Superbowl is tomorrow, that means the biggest game in the world, parties everywhere, and finger foods!! Not to mention an actual football game. The storyline isn't too bad either, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time for one more win before he most likely retires at the end of the season, and a young quarter who is indeed the future of the NFL.Much like last year (which I consider the greatest Superbowl game ever) I am a  fan of both quarterbacks, and it is very hard for me to choose a side, even though I am leaning a little towards the Panthers.

Here in this exclusive video from the NFL, Elliot Harrison talks about the "Top 5 Superbowl Upsets" in NFL history.

No:5 Green Bay vs Denver Broncos. Two all time great quarterbacks, the only difference between the two was Bret Farve already had his ring(s) and John Elway was still looking for his which he would get in that very game.

No 4: Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings. The AFL vs NFL.. Many people thought NFL VIkings would stomp all over the lowly AFL Chiefs, but that was not the case.

No 3: St. Louis Rams. vs New England Patriots. At this point the Rams were the hottest team, were the fastest team, and called "The Greatest Show on Turf". The New England Patriots dethroned what many called the greatest team in history to become arguably the greatest dynasty ever.

No 2: New England Patriots vs New York Giants. At this point the Patriots were the greatest dynasty in NFL history and were well on their way to become the first team to go 16-0 in the regular season and go undefeated in the new updated playoffs. Unfortunately things did not go as planned for the Patriots.

No. 1. New York Jets vs Baltimore Colts. This was another case of the AFL who had been around for 9 years against the NFL won had been around for 49 years. During this game Joe Namath became a legend, and this is the biggest upset in Superbowl history shocking the sports world.

Follow the link below to watch the entire video.

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