A film crew for Max Animal decided to film Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa in a plastic, inflatable boat.  This was a bad idea.

An underwater camera shows the shark approaching the boat, then come the teeth!

The shark comes out of the water and starts to bite the inflatable pontoons that are keeping the boat afloat.  The rubber was no match for the Great White, and soon the crew found themselves in a sinking boat.

Luckily the damage wasn't bad enough to sink the boat on the spot, and the crew was able to get to land.  After the incident the Max Animal team admitted that they were scared to death, but the Great White is an amazing creature that needs to be protected.

Sharks really are amazing creatures, and any video of them is worth checking out but I have never seen anything like the video below.  The woman makes a momentary connection with a huge Great White, and actually swims with it.


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