A drunk guy tried to become bait as he swam naked in the shark tank at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.

The man stripped down and jumped into the shark and ray exhibit called "Dangerous Lagoon". Witnesses said that despite being surrounded by huge sharks, he seemed totally relaxed.

I've actually been to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, and while it's not the biggest shark tank, I definitely wouldn't get in. When we were there the divers were actually swimming around with the sharks. They didn't seem nervous, but the definitely didn't take their eyes off of the sharks either.

This guy is just in there doing his best seal impression waiting for a shark to remember what life was like back in the ocean.

Jumping naked into a shark tank sounds crazy enough, but as security guards tried to get this guy out of the tank it got crazier. He climbed to the edge at one point and back flipped his way back into the tank!

According to Karlzway, the YouTuber that caught all of this action, the mane eventually jumped out got dressed an ran away before the police showed up to arrest him. The fact that this happened in Canada means that when the Mounties do catch him he will be forced to apologize to each and every shark in the tank . . . also no Molson's for a week.


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