DaBaby certainly has had a successful year with tracks like “Suge" being one of his most streamed songs in 2019. While he's looking ahead to 2020 and planning his continued reign as hip-hop's rising star, there’s one thing you won’t see the 2019 XXL Freshman do: get involved in a rap battle.

In an interview with the RapPack podcast, which premiered on Tuesday (Dec. 17), the North Carolina MC vows that he won't get into rap battles with other rappers who may not like him for proclaiming to be the "best rapper alive." “You ain’t going to see me doing no battle rap,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s a distraction from the art and it’s a distraction from the money, too.”

DaBaby added that he doesn’t have to prove how great of a rapper he is, he'll let the music speak for itself. Additionally, the "Bop" rapper is ready to handle any proverbial “rocks” that are thrown his way via social media by other rappers.

“Because it’s too easy for somebody to pick up a phone and say, ‘No you not, I am,’” he explained. “Now you are going to change the whole narrative of everything you got going on. Now all the people worry about is you versus this person instead of you just becoming better and you just striving to be the best.”

“But that’s how I really feel, I’m going to say it,” he continued. “I’m the best muthafuckin' rapper alive.”

The Grammy-nominated artist, who dropped his latest album Kirk back in September, is currently on tour through the end of December.

You can watch DaBaby's interview below. Fast-forward to the 15:23-mark to watch DaBaby explain why he won't get into rap battles with other rappers.

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